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Welcome to our charming village of Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. Ever since the Quakers, Mennonites, and Amish settled this land in colonial times, our community has been alive with trades and crafts as well as farming.
Stagecoaches and freight wagons stopped for the night in our village as they rumbled along the Old Philadelphia Pike on their way from Philadelphia to Lancaster. Local inns and other places of commerce sprang up to service these freight haulers who were helping to build a new country.

We value the history of Bird-in-Hand. It is fitting that even in present times, horse-drawn carriages are still important in our village. We are pleased to live and work here.

Stoltzfus Family

Along the tree-lined village street called Maple Avenue, our family is practicing the trade of crafting American-made carriages. We carry on the fine tradition of quality craftsmanship that our father began 34 years ago in 1979. It is a privilege to be creative in our work and use our skills and abilities to complement each other’s strengths.

Our Carriages

Carriage Machine is able to capture the whole spectrum of carriage making. We enjoy crafting carriages for pleasure driving, competitions, and marathons.

Our goal is to be versatile and skilled in many areas so that we can build the perfect
carriage to meet your specifications. We love the challenge of changing designs and developing new carriage types in response to your requests.

Made in Lancaster County

Along with the other craftsmen in the Plain Communities of Lancaster County, we desire to provide our industry with the best products possible at the fairest price. That is the way we do business in Bird-in-Hand. We are blessed to be a part of this community where integrity and honesty are a part of daily commerce.

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We are able to capture the whole spectrum of carriage making.

Featured Carriages

The Phaeton Sport

The Eaglet

The Roadster

The Flyer

The Wheelchair Accessible

The Large Wagonette

The Marathon Cart

The Road Cart

The Eagle Carriage

The Red Hawk

The Sparrowhawk

The Lightweight Wagonette

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