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Bottle Filler

Bottle your milk with simple efficiency with the help of our Fully Automatic Bottle Filler & Capper! Place your empty glass or plastic bottle on the conveyor, and the machine will do the rest, perfectly prepping it for the store shelf.
The unique craftsmanship of our machinery, designed for grade A use, and its digital operating screen makes for quick and easy operation. To simplify things further, add an optional product pump and level control. This machine can be operated by just one person, so get ready to amp up for production and your sales!

• Fills up to 200 gallons or 300 1/2 gallons per hour
• Stainless steel construction with rounded corners for easy cleaning
• Polycarbonate bottle shield
• Counterbalanced manual foot pedal or Auto Cycle
• Adjustable feet for leveling

Butter Churn

The stainless steel 8-Gallon Butter Churn allows small farmers to take butter-making to the next level!

This sturdy, reliable piece of equipment offers a fast and efficient way to turn gallons of cream into delicious, farm-fresh butter.

• Variable frequency drive to adjust different speeds
• Removable paddle and rounded edges for easy cleaning
• Adjustable angles for draining and washing
• Plugs into a regular 110 volt outlet
• Water jacket for adjusting temperature
• Minimum fill: 25% of total capacity = 2.5 gallons
• Maximum fill: 8 gallons


Cost effective whey drainage system for the small creamery! 
Drain Crate Stacking System also available.

• For Greek style yogurt
• Heavy duty stainless steel
• 8 gallon capacity
• Lift handles



Three Capper Options Compatible with Automatic Bottler:

  • Screw Cap Capper for Plastic  (Adjustable torque screw cap tightener)
  • Stanpac Glass Capper (Automatic cap stomper)
  • Snap Cap Capper for Plastic (Spinner cap sorter design)
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