The Eaglet
Bird-in-Hand Carriages

The Eaglet

The Bird-in-Hand Eaglet derives its name from the Bird-in-Hand Eagle because the front ends of the two carriages are the same. What makes the Eaglet different is the larger side panel and the fact that it is a two-wheeled carriage. It is a pleasure vehicle and can also be used for show and combined driving events. 

Available in sizes to fit 12 to 18 hh 

Approx. 350 lbs.

Featured Image: BIH Eaglet with wedge & 1/4 Seat

Included in Base Price:

  • Painted hubcaps
  • Painted metalwork in choice of color
  • Oak panels
  • Double seat
  • Patent leather on shafts 
  • Wooden shafts with steel heel
  • Plain vinyl or imitation cord upholstery
  • Wooden or metal wheels